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January 5. Nothing to Write!


I don’t have much to wirte. No great ideas for blog post. No organized thought. But I will write because I’ve vowed to write.

I couldn’t sleep well last night, for some reason. I wonder when would I be able to sleep early and sleep through the night. The kids want to cuddle with me at night. I don’t blame them. I don’t get to spend much time with them during the day. The 3.5 hours in the afternoon that I am home, fly by too quickly. I have to take a short nap or at least lie down for a while, in quiet, otherwise I can’t concentrate on work in the evening. So an hour goes in a nap or trying to take one. The rest of the time is spent in cooking, eating, prayers and the nitty gritties. I rarely get to sit with my kids and talk to them.

Hubby is going quieter and quieter. Work isn’t too good for him right now. I hope this year will be better for him than the last one. At least he’s trying his best.

Once MiL is here, maybe things will get easier. At least for hubby. At least he won’t have to stay home with the kids all day. He’d be able to go out and do his own stuff.

For the kids, it may get harder. She probably won’t be helping them with homework and they will have to go to my friends’ house again, for studies. They have gotten used to bedtime with daddy. That will change too. Bedtime will mostly be with Grandma.

For me, it can be easier or harder. Not sure, depends on how well I and Mil handle the friction that tends to arise between us, one way or the other.

She helps with the cooking. I, truely, appreciate that. But she expects a lot from me too. Most of the time, when I am very tired from work, I tend to let the house go. If I have some free time, I’d either spend it with the kids or relax with a book or my laptop, instead of cleaning the house everyday. When MiL is here, I still do that, only she starts giving me the silent treatment, which stresses me out. But since my new year resolution includes not letting the housework slide by, hopefully I should be able to stick to it, and there won’t be a lot of friction.

I haven’t been able to achieve much at work today.

I was supposed to write an article  – I didn’t.

I was supposed to send a couple of thank you mails – I didn’t

I was supposed to do quite a few things – I didn’t.

I spent most of my morning, sending out refund requests to various application developers on Google Play. I hope I will get a refund on that.

That should bring down my stress level to an extent.

That’s all for now~

Happy 2015!


18 minutes till the end of the first day of 2015!

Let’s get over with the customary first:

Happy New Year!


So I haven’t written in here till the tidings of the shifting to the new department.

One lucky day, in the Summer of 2014, my CEO passed by my desk and said “K, would you like to work in the Marketing department?” I was thrilled and of course I said yes.

However, being the always-worrying, anxiety struck person I am, I, later went to him and asked him, for the reason. I was worried that maybe I was being moved because my line manager was happy with me. Though I hoped that wasn’t the case. I told him that I would be glad with the position, if it’s being given to me for a positive reason. But in case, my line manager in the current department is not happy with me, I would prefer to stay here and resolve any hiccups in my work before I move to another department. He said “K, people who have issues with their performance do not get promotions. I want you to see it as a promotion”


Several weeks went by, but no word came about the promotion.

I set up, yet another appointment with my CEO to find out what happened. And guess what. He goes, “I have not totally made up my mind about it”. I was disappointed and I clearly told him so.  I told him, I would be really disappointed and demotivated if I am not moved to the Marketing department now. “Why would you be disappointed’?, he asked.

“Because I want to work in Marketing”. And that was the truth. That’s what I had tried for, since the day I set foot in the organization, a few months back.

“Then it’s fine. The last time I talked to you, you didn’t sound very sure about it. I want people in marketing, who want to do nothing else but marketing”.

Great and so I got the switch on November 16.

Moving on to December 31, my kids made some erroneous purchases on the google play store with the company’s credit card, the info for which was saved on my google account, on my phone. It a good couple and a half thousand! I talked to my boss about repaying it in 5 to 6 installments. He said he will approve 4 installments but would give me an additional bonus for my ‘outstanding’ performance in this year. So that’s the good part!

I have yet to contact Google Playstore Support to check if I can get a refund. If that is done, that would be awesome.


Coming back to the subject of the new year, my new year resolution is to get organized.

My life is so out of control. At work, things are a mess. I get caught up between several things and end up doing nothing.

My house is a mess.

I have roaches in the kitchen.

The beds are never made.

The curtains are never changed.

I need to get the walls painted, they are filthy dirty.

And all this is a constant source of stress.

I spend hours on my phone. On Facebook!

I can never sleep at the hour I need to sleep. For some reason I can’t stop browsing and I can’t hit the sack.

I don’t read anymore.

I don’t write anymore.

I need to get things into place.

Sometimes it gets so bad, I feel so overwhelmed, that I just cry! That I want to run away from everything. I feel like everything is just slipping out from between my fingers.

See? I can’t even write coherently.

Work Issues


ork is sooooooooo busy that I do not get any time to blog at all. 

However, in spite of the humongous load of work, my boss isn’t happy with me, or make it us.


Going back a couple of months, during the registration period for the Summer term, I was called to my boss’ office and she very politely and very gently told me that I had made ‘several’ mistakes in the past couple of weeks. However, the mistakes were neither specified and nor were the documents with the mistakes shown to me. I didn’t ask either, which I should have.

The next thing that happened was, that my CEO, one day while walking by our department, stopped by my office and asked me if I’m okay with being moved to the marketing department (I am already managing the Social Media for the company as well, so unofficially I am part of the Marketing department too). I told him I don’t have an issue with that. He further add “Do you think you’d be able to do better in marketing”. I am sure, I can do much better in the marketing department. 

However, it did made me wonder, if my immediate boss was unhappy with my performance? As fas I know, the rest of the staff wasn’t free of minor mistakes either. But I don’t think the CEO would talk to me about moving me to another department with my immediate boss’ consent. Although he said we’ll talk about it in October i.e. when the rush of work in my current department is over.

Now to add the last straw was today when my immediate boss sent a vague email to all of us, working in my department. The emails mentioned the following things:

  •  That’s she has witnessed a lot of mis-communication between all of us.
  • wrong information has been provided to customers
  • There’s been no followup with customers 
  • documents are misplaced or lost.

Now i know none of the members of our team as replied to it. I wonder if I should reply? The issue is the whole team is very close, and they are like best friend, including our boss. I am the new girl on the block and mostly treated like an outside. Do you think I need to reply to the email? I doesn’t specify anyone. Personally, I would like to know what issues are specific to me, so I can try to correct that, but I don’t know what is the right way to go about it. 

What would you do?