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Back to Work!


I haven’t been here for more than 2 months! Wow. So much for writing in here regularly. I make no such promises this time.

The last post was about the GM Diet. I managed to complete the 7 days. It wasn’t that hard but I did cheat a little. The first time I did the diet, I lost about 2.5 kgs. I repeated it again last month and lost another 1 kg. However I have since gained back that 1 KG.

I was on annual leave for the whole of March. I got back to work on Sunday April 5 and a good time too. My boss is away on vacation and I am getting sometime to catch up and get back into the flow of things.

I feel lost at work most of the time. I don’t know where to start and where to end. only about 20% of days I feel productive enough. Since I’ve been back, I’ve been able to do small tasks, but I know I am not getting at what is truly expected of me. This is stressing me out.

The kids are on spring break. They go back to school on Sunday April 12, inshAllah. Till then, I don’t have to wake up at 5:30 am. After that, I hope I can still manage somehow. My biggest issues at this point is that I just can’t go to sleep early. I tend to stay up till midnight. I need to bring it an hour and a half earlier at least, especially when the kids start school. I am so addicted to facebook and the internet in general. I just keep on looking up useless stuff and wasting my precious sleep time.


UAE parents may soon watch ‘live streaming’ of kids in school bus



uae parents may soon watch live streaming of kids in school bus UAE parents may soon watch live streaming of kids in school busUAE: Parents will soon be able to watch live videos of their children in a school bus and will be alerted every time the kid gets on and off the vehicle.

The new system being introduced by various private players and telecom providers enables school buses to be fitted with Enterprise Service Routers, complete with built-in GPS and GPRS facilities and even enable Wi-Fi access within the school bus and surrounding areas.

Both Etisalat and du are in negotiations with various partners, participating at the ongoing Gitex Technology Week, to incorporate the facility and roll it out as a service to institutions.

Alcatel Lucent, for example is showcasing the concept ?Connected Bus? which it says can connect the entire fleet to a central base station.

?It firstly makes the school bus connected. You can then customise the features whichever way you want. You can either give access to parents and…

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How to Look Polished: And Why I Cannot Look It


You know the women who look so polished and put together at all times? Whether they are at work, out grocery shopping or just lounging at home? There are so many of them, and most of them love to blog, just so, I and others like me would feel more envious than we already do. Here’s what I have noticed all of them have:

  1. Gorgeous Flawless hair
  2. Flawless, spotless, poreless skin! with perfect makeup!
  3. Perfectly shaped Eyebrows That are always well
  4. Nails, hands and feet are always well kept.
  5. Well fitting and well coordinated outfits.
  6. Well Coordinated Shoes and accessories.
  7. Confidence

Now Why It can’t be me!

  1.   Gorgeous Hair! Lovely cut, lovely color, not a strand out of place! Why I can’t do it?  Because I have the crazier, frizziest curlsever. I have yet to find out a way to keep them tame. This is what my hair looks like when I put in no effort and just let it airdry:


Once upon a time, like about 5 years back, I found this very easy way, which didn’t take more than 10 to 20 minutes. I’d put in the Loreal Professional tecni,art liss control +, and then put in Velcro rollers. By the time, I’d finished my makeup, I’d be ready to remove the rollers and viola, I had the perfect curls.

loreal anti frizz

Maybe I will post a review of this product sometime soon.

That was when I had the perfect haircut from my very favorite Angie’s Salon in Karachi. However, everything went wrong from then onwards. I got a cheap haircut from a street salon. I only went for a trim, and the lady just went on to chop off my hair in steps! And the velcros could never get my hair right after that.

After not being able to get it fixed in anyway, I went for a rebonding. It was awesome. I had the smoothest, prettiest hair ever. I got the rebonding from a much cheaper place in Karachi. I don’t remember the name of that place though. Once again Angie gave me a pretty hairstyle.


Before and After Rebonding

However, once the rebonding started to grow out, I decided to get it done again and that was one of the worst decisions I had made. Everything went wrong from the very beginning. First the girls doing the rebonding, literally burnt my scalp and I won’t say anything about my hair. I got an appointment at noon, then next day to get a hair cut from Angie. The girl on the phone kept on asking me not to be late, so I was there, exactly at 12. They asked me to wait as Angie had gone to the doctor and will be back in half an hour. I waited more than an hour. They asked me to come back at 3, as Angie won’t be able to get earlier than that. I went home and went back after a couple of hours. Guess what, dear old Angie, still wasn’t there. I had a flight for Dubai the next day so I asked for the next best person to cut my hair. Again a very bad decision. She cut my fringe so short, that later when my 3 yrs old attempted to cut her own fringe I was reminded of the one, I got at Angies! Sigh.

Here’s Angie’s Salon’s FB Page, if anyone’s interested in having a look. Usually the service is awesome but I stopped going after that one bad experience. So could it be different for you.

No hair dresser ever gets my curly hair right. Most of them fail to understand that curly hair looks completely different when it’s dry than when it’s wet! Since then (that was 3 years back) I have been cutting my own hair. Even if it’s not perfect, at least I don’t resent anyone after it 🙂

This was the first time I cut my own hair.

I cut my own hair, because every hair dresser I tried after that, ruined my hair. I thought why not ruin it without spending any money? Plus I was totally broke at this point as well.

After the second rebonding, my hair had started falling off and breaking like anything. Ever since, I’ve been shedding hair like a dog.

Shortly afterwards, gray started peeking out of my head! In order to avoid further damage via chemicals, I decided to henna it. Trust me, it didn’t do any good to the texture of my hair. The color was lovely, but I started losing even more hair than I already was.

Because I don’t know what to do with my hair, I don’t know how to look polished!!!

If, I do not get lost somewhere else, I will probably be analyzing my skin, clothing and confidence next. Enough to bore you with, for now 🙂

Work Issues


ork is sooooooooo busy that I do not get any time to blog at all. 

However, in spite of the humongous load of work, my boss isn’t happy with me, or make it us.


Going back a couple of months, during the registration period for the Summer term, I was called to my boss’ office and she very politely and very gently told me that I had made ‘several’ mistakes in the past couple of weeks. However, the mistakes were neither specified and nor were the documents with the mistakes shown to me. I didn’t ask either, which I should have.

The next thing that happened was, that my CEO, one day while walking by our department, stopped by my office and asked me if I’m okay with being moved to the marketing department (I am already managing the Social Media for the company as well, so unofficially I am part of the Marketing department too). I told him I don’t have an issue with that. He further add “Do you think you’d be able to do better in marketing”. I am sure, I can do much better in the marketing department. 

However, it did made me wonder, if my immediate boss was unhappy with my performance? As fas I know, the rest of the staff wasn’t free of minor mistakes either. But I don’t think the CEO would talk to me about moving me to another department with my immediate boss’ consent. Although he said we’ll talk about it in October i.e. when the rush of work in my current department is over.

Now to add the last straw was today when my immediate boss sent a vague email to all of us, working in my department. The emails mentioned the following things:

  •  That’s she has witnessed a lot of mis-communication between all of us.
  • wrong information has been provided to customers
  • There’s been no followup with customers 
  • documents are misplaced or lost.

Now i know none of the members of our team as replied to it. I wonder if I should reply? The issue is the whole team is very close, and they are like best friend, including our boss. I am the new girl on the block and mostly treated like an outside. Do you think I need to reply to the email? I doesn’t specify anyone. Personally, I would like to know what issues are specific to me, so I can try to correct that, but I don’t know what is the right way to go about it. 

What would you do?