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No Man’s Land


I need the balance,
I need the common ground
rather the No-man’s land
but I’m losing sight of it quickly
I’m falling on my knees. 

This land,
this place is not mine
but I see no hounds,
and no fears within.
This strange place
gives solace
a calm,
 I’d lost centuries back. 

On my knees I’m falling
in a place unknown,
that will never be mine,
but feeling strong,
coz I can raise my head to the sky
and sing my heart out. 

But Oh! the land that was mine,
where I stood tall and strong,
Masking a thousands fears
Holding a million tears. 
But balanced and stable. 
Give it back, will you?

He Wants Me


Eyes gazed on
devoid of light and warmth.
Words, meaningless, futile
were uttered forth.
Air drawn in,
A gasp, a sigh.
Liquid ran in his veins,
not nourishing the bird
that lay dead or asleep.
The living dead.
The heart did beat,
Or did it not?

She then touched him,
on the left of the chest,
His Christ, His Healer,
made the bird writhe in pain
But flutter with life, unwanted.
pumping desire
into the drained out veins,
lit the eyes with love forgotten,
words that came forth,
were verses Holy
Breathing again,
and what flowed in his
veins, was liquid Red
Oh Pure Desire!
Oh Holy Lust!