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Wardrobe Woes


Eid is over. And I didn’t blog on here, even once. Maybe I will come back to write about our Eid and my 10 days holiday another time, or maybe I won’t, but right now I am in a wardrobe dilemma. Not really! Honestly speaking I’m quite excited. 

We live in a two bedroom apartment. Me, my husband and my two kids. My mother in law lives with us too. At least, half the year, she does. The other half, she stays in Pakistan. So all four of us live in one bedroom and Mil lives in the second one. Hence, our closet space was getting to be too small for us so we decided to replace the old one. 


We got a new one today. Not a new one, we got it second hand and we couldn’t find one large one ,so we got 3 two-door wardrobes. The guys from the place where we got it will bring it over to install it and they also agreed to put in extra shelves. We need about as much shelfing space as we need, hanging.

Initially, I thought we’d put up all shelves in one of them, all hanging in the second and half shelving, half hanging in the third one. Now I think we should put half shelving half hanging in each, and divide the closets as in one for me, one for hubby and the third one for kids. Sigh! I hate making decisions. 

What would you do?