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OOTD: Some outfits from the past weeks~


I’ve been lazy and busy! 🙂 So here are a few outfits from the past week. image


I got the black and white striped dress from H&M a couple of weeks back. It was on sale. I got a few more things too. Maybe I can do a shopping haul post sometime soon. 

wpid-2014-09-05-18.22.19.jpg.jpeg I also got  the white top and ot the olive super stretch pants from the awesome sale at H&M . The bag came from Nairobi last week, when my husband was on a business drip and so did the ethnic necklaces. 

wpid-2014-09-05-18.21.37.jpg.jpeg Some more from the H&M sale 🙂 The striped tank! For some reason I love horizontal stripes. I don’t think they make me look any fatter or wider than I already am 🙂 


August Glambox


I received my Glambox last Friday but never got a chance to blog it. I will add in the details for each product along with reviews over the weekend, when I have more time 🙂



I’ve used the Bioderma sunblock for sensitive skin and loved it. It has a very high SPF 100 and doesn’t give me a rash. The biggest plus is, it doesn’t make my skin look greasy. The others I have yet to try.



I Love the look of these. However, I suck at anything that has to do with nails. Will try them on soon though!


Daily Look – Wearing Lace to Work


Since hubby dear was still asleep when I was leaving for work, you will have to suffice with bathroom mirror selfies for today 🙂

july 15 july 15a july 15bO july 15c


Origem Brocade Trousers: AED 275

 Origem Brocade Trousers: Same here


Splash Fashions: Full Sleeved Lace Shirt – AED 140 Now on sale at AED 100


Full Sleeved Lace Shirt from Splash Fashions: Same here

white tee

Splash Basic V Neck short sleeved T-Shirt – AED 30


Short sleeved V neck T from Splash Fashions: Same here


H&M Off White Blazer – AED 149

H&M Off White Blazer, Similar here


H&M Necklace – AED 59

H&M Necklace similar here

Hope you like today’s look 🙂



Sunday is Monday: Daily Look


July 13

That’s me this morning. I love my white jacket! The skirt is a very old one which I took out after ages!

I badly need some colorful shoes!


In the UAE, Sunday is Monday! And seriously in Ramadaan, the first day of the week is pure torture. The kids are on summer vacation and they tend to stay up still late. Both of them can’t sleep on their own, I have to sit and watch till they fall asleep. My  7 years old is getting better but the Princess still takes more than an hour to fall asleep. By the time, they are down it’s usually around mid night and then I have to be up for sahoor at 3:30 again! And guess what I rarely get any sleep between 12 and 3! Why? Coz of staying thirsty all day, I can’t help but keep on drinking water after Iftaar and when it’s time to go to bed, the loo keeps calling! Sigh. Same story repeats after Sahoor (The morning meal). Going back to sleep after Fajr (the morning prayers) at 4:30 isn’t that hard, but staying asleep is! And then the alarm rings at 7:30, I keep on snoozing it till 8:30 and am always late for work during Ramadaan!!!

My mom came over last month, because my babysitter quit without a notice and I had no one to watch the kids while I and DH were at work. I’m sad that the month has ended so soon, my mom leaves tomorrow morning. I’m going to miss her big time.

MiL will arrive the next day; At least that’s a solace, the kids won’t feel my mom’s absence too much. But I will. Don’t get me wrong. I love my MiL but having my own mother is totally different!! Sigh.