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About abgeeney

I am a Pakistan expatriate in the UAE, mother of two lovely kids and working full-time as a Social Media Marketer. In addition, I have a small home-owned business which I absolutely love. I sell used-books! Given the fact that I am a professional Social Media Marketing specialist, you’d think I’d be better at keeping up my personal blog, but unfortunately I am not.

Back to Work!


I haven’t been here for more than 2 months! Wow. So much for writing in here regularly. I make no such promises this time.

The last post was about the GM Diet. I managed to complete the 7 days. It wasn’t that hard but I did cheat a little. The first time I did the diet, I lost about 2.5 kgs. I repeated it again last month and lost another 1 kg. However I have since gained back that 1 KG.

I was on annual leave for the whole of March. I got back to work on Sunday April 5 and a good time too. My boss is away on vacation and I am getting sometime to catch up and get back into the flow of things.

I feel lost at work most of the time. I don’t know where to start and where to end. only about 20% of days I feel productive enough. Since I’ve been back, I’ve been able to do small tasks, but I know I am not getting at what is truly expected of me. This is stressing me out.

The kids are on spring break. They go back to school on Sunday April 12, inshAllah. Till then, I don’t have to wake up at 5:30 am. After that, I hope I can still manage somehow. My biggest issues at this point is that I just can’t go to sleep early. I tend to stay up till midnight. I need to bring it an hour and a half earlier at least, especially when the kids start school. I am so addicted to facebook and the internet in general. I just keep on looking up useless stuff and wasting my precious sleep time.


My experience with the GM Diet


Lack of sleep, stress, demotivation, health issues and everything else makes me want to eat, eat and eat.

I’ve gained about 3 Kgs in the last couple of months alone, before which I was about 5 Kgs over my desired weight! So now I need to lose 8 in total.

I’m fickle and can’t normally stick to diets, but I seriously need to kickstart this weight loss thingie! I read about a friend trying the GM diet, (though she couldn’t carry it on beyond day 3, but she lost 3 lbs in 3 days). So I thought I should give it a try too.

It’s a 7 day diet plan. If you are interested in knowing more, the details are all here: GM Diet

I started yesterday, which was the all fruit day. It went okay enough. It wasn’t easy for someone like me, who’s gotten really addicted to junk food but I won’t say it was too hard either. I gorged on a lot of cantaloupe (as recommended), had some apples, oranges and strawberries as well. I didn’t feel hungry the whole day. Well I did, but  I would eat more fruit whenever I felt hungry. That’s how this diet goes.

It says do not weigh in before day 8, but well I can’t wait. I weight in this morning and “NOthing”. Unlike all the reviews I read all over the internet where people lost atleast something on day one. I didn’t lose ANYTHING at all!

Day 2: Day 2 is an all-veggies day. I knew this one was going to be hard for me and it is! It started off well with a medium sized potato and a pint of butter. I added in some black pepper and it was delicious! But after that… darn I hate veggie.. I am struggling with this day. Let’s see how it goes.

Tomorrow is the fruit and veggies day and I am not excited about it at all. I am trying hard not to cheat!

January 5. Nothing to Write!


I don’t have much to wirte. No great ideas for blog post. No organized thought. But I will write because I’ve vowed to write.

I couldn’t sleep well last night, for some reason. I wonder when would I be able to sleep early and sleep through the night. The kids want to cuddle with me at night. I don’t blame them. I don’t get to spend much time with them during the day. The 3.5 hours in the afternoon that I am home, fly by too quickly. I have to take a short nap or at least lie down for a while, in quiet, otherwise I can’t concentrate on work in the evening. So an hour goes in a nap or trying to take one. The rest of the time is spent in cooking, eating, prayers and the nitty gritties. I rarely get to sit with my kids and talk to them.

Hubby is going quieter and quieter. Work isn’t too good for him right now. I hope this year will be better for him than the last one. At least he’s trying his best.

Once MiL is here, maybe things will get easier. At least for hubby. At least he won’t have to stay home with the kids all day. He’d be able to go out and do his own stuff.

For the kids, it may get harder. She probably won’t be helping them with homework and they will have to go to my friends’ house again, for studies. They have gotten used to bedtime with daddy. That will change too. Bedtime will mostly be with Grandma.

For me, it can be easier or harder. Not sure, depends on how well I and Mil handle the friction that tends to arise between us, one way or the other.

She helps with the cooking. I, truely, appreciate that. But she expects a lot from me too. Most of the time, when I am very tired from work, I tend to let the house go. If I have some free time, I’d either spend it with the kids or relax with a book or my laptop, instead of cleaning the house everyday. When MiL is here, I still do that, only she starts giving me the silent treatment, which stresses me out. But since my new year resolution includes not letting the housework slide by, hopefully I should be able to stick to it, and there won’t be a lot of friction.

I haven’t been able to achieve much at work today.

I was supposed to write an article  – I didn’t.

I was supposed to send a couple of thank you mails – I didn’t

I was supposed to do quite a few things – I didn’t.

I spent most of my morning, sending out refund requests to various application developers on Google Play. I hope I will get a refund on that.

That should bring down my stress level to an extent.

That’s all for now~

First Working Day of 2015


So far, I’m going ok with keeping things under control.

My house is still a mess, but better than before. Today I did manage to put in a few minutes to tidy things up a little. Here’s what I achieved:

1. I had no dirty dishes piled in the kitchen sink when I left for work in the morning and then again in the evening after my afternoon break. Yes I work weird hours. 5 Hours in the morning and then 3 hours in the evening.

2. The toilet, bathroom sink, and bathroom floor are somewhat clean!

3. There is not laundry lying on the living room couch to be put away.

4. Managed to tick away some of the to-do tasks on my work list as well.

5. Emailed google support and got a refund for a small portion of what my kids had accidentally spent. The rest of the refund requests, for the bigger amounts are still under review.

What I couldn’t manage:

1. No vaccum, sweeping, mopping or dusting done!

2. The kids watched more TV than I would have liked – as usual

3. The hubby is still grumpy and not smiling for some reason.

I think that’s not bad!

This week shouldn’t be too hard, as the kids are still on winter break and I don’t have to get up at 5:30 am for them. I wake up at 8 o’clock. Getting proper sleep makes a very big difference to my general mood, my health and to what I am able to achieve in a single day.

Next week, when school re-opens, I don’t know how will it go. But I am trying to take one day at a time.