My experience with the GM Diet


Lack of sleep, stress, demotivation, health issues and everything else makes me want to eat, eat and eat.

I’ve gained about 3 Kgs in the last couple of months alone, before which I was about 5 Kgs over my desired weight! So now I need to lose 8 in total.

I’m fickle and can’t normally stick to diets, but I seriously need to kickstart this weight loss thingie! I read about a friend trying the GM diet, (though she couldn’t carry it on beyond day 3, but she lost 3 lbs in 3 days). So I thought I should give it a try too.

It’s a 7 day diet plan. If you are interested in knowing more, the details are all here: GM Diet

I started yesterday, which was the all fruit day. It went okay enough. It wasn’t easy for someone like me, who’s gotten really addicted to junk food but I won’t say it was too hard either. I gorged on a lot of cantaloupe (as recommended), had some apples, oranges and strawberries as well. I didn’t feel hungry the whole day. Well I did, but  I would eat more fruit whenever I felt hungry. That’s how this diet goes.

It says do not weigh in before day 8, but well I can’t wait. I weight in this morning and “NOthing”. Unlike all the reviews I read all over the internet where people lost atleast something on day one. I didn’t lose ANYTHING at all!

Day 2: Day 2 is an all-veggies day. I knew this one was going to be hard for me and it is! It started off well with a medium sized potato and a pint of butter. I added in some black pepper and it was delicious! But after that… darn I hate veggie.. I am struggling with this day. Let’s see how it goes.

Tomorrow is the fruit and veggies day and I am not excited about it at all. I am trying hard not to cheat!


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