Practical info for expats during Ramadan in Abu Dhabi



Here is some information for non-fasting expats that might be useful to know during Ramadan:

– It is harder to get taxis especially just around sunset and two hours afterwards, do give yourself some extra time if you want to go somewhere that time.

– You should always wear a seat belt but this is especially true during Ramadan because driving is even crazier than usual.

– Avoid playing music loudly in your car during Ramadan.


– Many Ladies nights are canceled during the fasting month. One exception is the Ladies Night at Cristal Salam hotel’s roof top bar, which is on Thursdays. 

– Liquor is sold in hotels and bars only after 7.30PM, but Muslim hotel chains , such as Rotana, doesn’t sell liquor at all during Ramadan.

– Liquor shops are open but might have shorter opening hours.

– Bars are only allowed to play “background” music. There are no…

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