Gur Ka Sharbat


I had been craving ‘gur ka sharbat’ the past few days.

Do you associate certain foods, certain colors, certain smells or even a certain kind of weather with a person? I associate Gur ka Sharbat with my dad. I remember my dad making a variety of iftaar beverages and the one I remember most vividly is the ‘gur ka sharbat’. 

The memories I am talking about are probably from the late 80s  to 1990, when we used to live in our village, Charsadda. Ramadan was in summers, probably same as now i.e June or July and summers are scorching in most parts of Pakistan, Charsadda being no exception.

The kids didn’t fast, of course. Only my parents did. Or maybe my older two sisters did too. I don’t remember. But I and my brother weren’t fasting yet. However, whenever my dad made the gur ka sharbat, he served us first 🙂 He used to make “Tukhm-e-Malanga” in a separate steel bowl and would serve it in our glasses accordingly. I used to take mine without it. I was never a fan of it, but now as a grownup I would like to try it once more to see if I still don’t like it.

The iftaar was served outdoors, in the courtyard. The kitchen was right next to it, where my mom used to fry pakoras and God knows what else. My dad would fill our glasses with gur sharbat, to the brim, but we waited till we heard the sound of the Adhaan, although we were not fasting. Maybe it was out of respect for ramadan and we were taught to do it that way, or maybe it was more fun that way and that’s why we waited.  

My dad passed away last year. We lost him to cancer. 

But I spotted ‘gur’ at a Pakistani grocery store the other day and haven’t been able to stop thinking about the way my dad made the gur ka sharbat!

So today, I’m going to make it for the first time, sans the Malanga seeds, since I don’t know where can I find those. 

WP_20140719_17_51_20_Pro (1)



Gur – melted, + Lemon Juice

WP_20140719_17_55_18_Pro (2)

Gur Ka Sharbat – Iftar Drink

I have to wait an hour to know what it tastes like 🙂 


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