Brazuca – Made in Pakistan


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FIFA World Cup 2014 tonight. Whether cheering for Argentine or Germany, lets hear cheers for Pakistan one more time, who supplied the official football. Here are Ten facts for you to enjoy;

1) The Brazuca is made in Pakistan by Pakistani women. Ninety percent of those working on the Brazuca were women. The CEO of Forward Sports (company that produced Brazuca for Adidas) said that women were more diligent and meticulous than their male colleagues. The cost of the ball is US $ 160/- each which is more than the monthly salary (US $ 100/-) of the women who made it.

2) The Brazuca was named via online poll in September 2012, with 77% of voters choosing ‘Brazuca’. It’s the first ball to ever be named by the public.

3) Its thermally bonded panels make it virtually waterproof. While FIFA allows for a ball to be up to 10% heaver when wet, the Brazuca increases by only 0.2%

4) The colors were “inspired by vibrant colours, passion and heritage of Brazil.” The term ‘Brazuca’ actually means ‘Brazilian’, and is used to describe the Brazilian way of life.

5) It was tested by 600 players “The Brazuca’s thorough two and a half year testing process involved more than 600 of the world’s top players … the most tested ball ever by Adidas” Competing teams practiced with it for 6 months.

6) It has a windmill design. Instead of having a smooth surface like it’s predecessor the Brazuca has an evenly broken surface with deep seams, which prevents it from swerving in the air

7) Brazuca has a twitter account.Since registering on Twitter in December 2013, the ball has amassed over 130,000 followers. It uses the hashtag ‪#‎ballin‬ with most tweets. As if that wasn’t enough, the ball was given an audience with Pope Francis at the Vatican earlier this year

8) All competing teams at the 2014 World Cup received balls from FIFA over the last six months to ensure each team has enough time to train with the new ball

9) The Brazuca is 437 grams in weight and 69 centimetres in circumference

10) The Brazuca is a pride for all Pakistani women but not as beautiful as the hands that made it
Enjoy the World Cup final ans share Pakistan’s contribution to it.

Credit: Desitnation Pakistan On Facebook


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