Shopping Haul


Still working on the work wardrobe. My issue is, I buy more stuff than I wear, or I simply get lost on what goes with what. Anyways, I did manage to go shopping and here’s my haul, mostly for outerwear:


Full Sleeves Shrug – Rust from Splash Fashions (1 for AED 45, 2 For AED 70)


Full Sleeved Shrug from Splash in Lime Green


Baby Pink Cardigan From Splash – AED 70


White Blazer from H&M – AED 149

I love Statement Necklaces. Again the same issue with them, I buy them more often than I wear them. But I totally plan to wear these. They were on sale, I got them for less than half the original price.. yay!


From H&M – AED 39, on sale


From H&M – AED 10 (On Sale)

The second necklace is gold. I  couldn’t get the color right in the image.



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