How do you get it right?


So ever since I got back into the workforce, I have been trying to create a capsule wardrobe for work. Few pieces (since I don’t have a lot of space), which always work and still look good, but almost 5 months later, I am still as lost and my wardrobe is as haphazard as can be. I look at blogs like this one, and it sounds so easy. Ohh I just need a piece or two more and I am ready to go. But once i go back to my wardrobe, it seems like no one or two pieces can pull it all together.

Same goes for makeup. I watch tutorials on youtube and they look so easy, until I actually try them. Sigh. Someday when I have more times on my hands, and I am not so lazy (May once Ramadaan is over), I can post photos of the end results.

So coming back to the wardrobe dilemma, I totally plan to sort it out by the end of this week. Not sort out the whole capsule wardrobe thing,but go through my wardrobe and throw away things that I really do not need. I think I have too much junk. Maybe just maybe, I can go back and take pictures too. Because I suck at blogging, just like I suck at capsule wardrobe-ing.

But I still plan to stick to both!!

I thought a couple of jackets / blazers would do the trick for me, since I own quite a lot of stuff otherwise. I went blazer hunting the other day after iftaar. I had decided to get one in off white / cream and one in a nice color: Red/Yellow/Fuscia. I ended up buying these from Zara and a nice gold statement necklace from H&M. So much for the jackets.. I couldn’t find anything nice. If i do not end up with a migraine by the end of today’s fast (which I do 90% of days this ramadaan, I will go out Jacket hunting again). I gotta figure out my wardrobe before my mom leaves at the end of this week. Because 1) Shopping with my mom is fun! My mom happens to be my best girl friend 🙂 2) Next week, my Mother in Law will arrive. Shopping with my mother in law is the exact opposite of shopping with my mom, as she cringes at every single penny I spend. Going shopping without my Mother in Law with me is next to impossible. 🙂

So here’s to happy shopping.





About abgeeney

I am a Pakistan expatriate in the UAE, mother of two lovely kids and working full-time as a Social Media Marketer. In addition, I have a small home-owned business which I absolutely love. I sell used-books! Given the fact that I am a professional Social Media Marketing specialist, you’d think I’d be better at keeping up my personal blog, but unfortunately I am not.

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