How Do You Get It Right? Part II – Work Wardrobe


I am still stuck on the “organizing my work wardrobe” idea. There’s so much that needs to go I’ll start off with a list of what I already own:


  1.  Black Dress Pants
  2. Black jeggings
  3. Blue dark wash jeans (Needs to be replaced)
  4. While Jeans (Need to be replaced)
  5. Black and White striped Maxi Skirt
  6. Black Pencil Skirt (Knee length)
  7. Fawn Jacquard Trousers
  8. Printed Stretch Pants
  9. Pink Jeans
  10. Blue Striped Skinny Jeans.
  11. Beige Trousers (A little tight around the waist – need to lose weight)
  12. Gorgeous White Jeans ,that do not fit (need to lose weight)
  13. Black Jeans that need to be replaced
  14. Black Jeans that are a size too small (need to lose weight)
  15. Several Pairs of leggings in these colors:
  • 3-4 black (I need to go through them to see which ones I need)
  • 2-3 white
  • 1 brown (which is not cotton and I can’t wear it in summers)
  • 1 purple (Which basically doesn’t go with anything, safe to get rid of I guess)
  • Lots more than I can remember right now


1. Red Sleeveless

2. Maroon Sleeveless

3. Black short sleeved Chiffon Top

4. Black Short Sleeved Jersey Top

5. Black full sleeved Cotton, button down (needs alteration)

6. White 3 quarter sleeves, button down Cotton shirt (Needs alteration)

7. Peach Light Cotton, casual top

8. Teal Satin Blouse

9. Tea Pink Printed

10. Orange and Yellow striped Tee

11. Orange and Pink Bright Colored Shirt

12. White Lace Full Sleeves

13. Striped Red and Beige

14. Funky Blue and Red

15. Pink with black polka dots

16. Black Satin

17. Yellow with Red embroidery

18. White Swiss Voile embroidered tunic top (too tight, but too lovely to discard)


  1. White Cowl Neck
  2. Purple / Brown Georgette
  3. Long Navy (shorter than maxi but longer than midi)


1. Basic White short sleeves Tee

2. Basic Black Short Sleeved Tee

3. Basic Fawn short Sleeved Tee

4. Two full sleeved white tees, which may need to go. I need to check


Outer Wear

  1. Two Black Jackets
  2. Purple shrug (can be replaced but can work until I get something new)
  3. Grey Shrug (can be replaced but can work until I get something)
  4. Off-White Cardigan


  1. Black Shoes from M&S
  2. Black Boots from Hush Puppies
  3. Navy Blue Boots
  4. Ivory Sandals


  1. Black
  2. Mustard


  1. Go  to metal earrings
  2. Go to teal earrings
  3. Go to Pendant
  4. Statement Necklace Gold
  5. Statement Necklace Red antique
  6. Statement Necklace Black and Red



  1. Pink Pashmina
  2. Multi colored chiffon silk
  3. Teal Silk
  4. Blue Silk

Pink lace scarf

  1. Brown and Black Georgette
  2. Printed Green
  3. Chunri Scarf


  1.  Brown and Beige
  2. Red and Orange

Now since my work wardrobe differs totally from what I wear at home i-e Pakistani Clothes, I need a to keep two different wardrobes, but I’ll keep it to work here. A lot of pieces need to go from both wardrobes.


  • Black (needs to be replaced)
  • White studs
  • Teal skinny (need to lose weight for this one)
  • Another White that my husband got me.. it’s too bulky and not my style but can’t discard it. Hubs will be offended 🙂
  • A blue one which basically doesn’t go with anything but again hubby got it so no discarding it.

What Needs to go:

  1. No. 12, Black Jeans.
  2. No. 14. A few pairs of leggings
  3. Several of the tops

Gaps that need to be filled:

  1. A nice pair of White /Offwhite Pants
  2. A black dress
  3. A dress in a nice summer color
  4. Outerwear: Brown / Beige / Fawn Cardigan or jacket
  5. Cardigan or jacket in Black and White stripes or houndtooth
  6. White / Offwhite Jacket
  7. Lightweight Cardigan or Jacket in a pretty Summer color
  8. Two Pairs of Shoes: One beige / Nude.. and one in a bright color.
  9. Handbags: One Nude and one in a bright color (maybe wedges)
  10. A couple of maxi skirts maybe.

Sigh. I think the post is as haphazard as my wardrobe is.

I wonder if I post images on here? I am ‘sort of’ new to wordpress so any help would be appreciated!


About abgeeney

I am a Pakistan expatriate in the UAE, mother of two lovely kids and working full-time as a Social Media Marketer. In addition, I have a small home-owned business which I absolutely love. I sell used-books! Given the fact that I am a professional Social Media Marketing specialist, you’d think I’d be better at keeping up my personal blog, but unfortunately I am not.

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