The Game Forgotten


With you last night,
I played the game,
Hands held tight,
Youthful smiles,
ruffled hair,
twinkling eyes,
Kids at play.

Your boyish smile,
and the soft gleam of your eye
Your aching arms,
beckoned me to live my dream
all over again. 

Then Destiny gave
Her final word
As Faith revealed
Her story untold
And Time unfolded
his hidden Gift. 
revealing you, 
in its folds and tresses,
not invisible,
not untouchable, 
not un-gettable

So I play it again,
The game forgotten
And it lures me again,
The snare I escaped. 
And I live it again,
The dream I’d not dreamt
 in centuries.


About abgeeney

I am a Pakistan expatriate in the UAE, mother of two lovely kids and working full-time as a Social Media Marketer. In addition, I have a small home-owned business which I absolutely love. I sell used-books! Given the fact that I am a professional Social Media Marketing specialist, you’d think I’d be better at keeping up my personal blog, but unfortunately I am not.

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