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Furnishing a new home in the UAE on a budget


We moved to the UAE 2 months back and we are living on a tight budget. My husband had moved here 8 months back and the initial plan was that we’ll move when he has a little money saved, so that we should be able to set up a home, but he was never able to to save anything, for one reason or another.

It isn’t easy furnishing a new house especially when you are on a very very tight budget. We have been at our new apartment for almost two months and we have only managed to get the basics so far. We are in a rented apartment ofcourse, away from our Country and don’t even know how long we are staying, so we are not even planning to go beyond just what we need.

If you are in the UAE, on a tight budget and do not know how long you are going to stay do not over spend on furnishing.

Here are the most essentail stuff you’d need:

1. Beds, mattresses, pillows ofcourse

2. . Get the kitchen stuff. A stove, fridge, pots and pans and food. Eating out can be expensive

3. Wardrobes

4. Dining Table

5. Living Room stuff: Sofa, Coffee Table, TV etc.

 You can then focus on the living room stuff. Although my husband got the sofa, TV and TV rack before we got here.

The Mister had already gotten the bedsets for our room and The Mother’s room. The kids are going to share our room till we move to a bigger apartment. Perhaps letting the kids stay in The Mother’s room would have been a better idea but I’d rather give up on my privacy then give up on the nice big master bedroom :). The Mother wasn’t comfortable with her bed, so she sold off her two single beds and we found a lovely complete bedroom set, including a 4 door wardrobe for her room for just AED 1200/- For a long time we didn’t have a wardrobe in our room and I had to ransack my suitcases everytime the little ones needed a change of clothes. Then I found this lovely 5 door, wooden wardrobe with full length mirrors on the 3 middle doors on We got the wardrobe for a mere AED 400/- but unfortunately one of the mirrors got cracked during transportation and we have yet to fix it.

So, right now we are dong with most of the basics but still need a few essential things.  We still need:

1. A bunk bed for the kids.

2. A shoe rack

3. A book Shelf

Once that is done, we start getting the things that are needed but not essential.

Today we may go shopping for a bunk bed.

If you are on a budget don’t buy new furniture. There are old furniture markets in every city but I’d had no luck with those. It’s better to search on the web for second hand furniture. Dubai has lots of expatriates, people come and go and you will find alot of people who are leaving the Country and selling off their stuff. The best website in my opinion is I found all the furniture for the two bedrooms on dubizzle, as well as the dining table. The sofa we have was bought new.

We got the fridge and the Window ACs from the Sharjah Second Hand Furniture Market. The stove and washing machine were bought new.

So you just need to search a lot to find the right thing within your budget.