Shopping and Rebonding Appointment


So today was spent away from home, away from the kids and by the end of the day I was missing them. But I had the day to myself, and did all my girly stuff.

I went to the Sunday bazaar in the morning and bought myself two handbags and a pair of shoes. I got a pair each for The Spirited and The Princess too. After the shoe stalls, I went to find some books and bought “The Memory Keepers Daughter” (No, I really haven’t read it yet) and “The Nannies Diaries”. I got each for Rs. 40… seriously.. what could be better?

I was home at 1 Pm, and was getting late for my rebonding appointment. I tried to giving the kiddos their lunch, but they were acting up as usual and were sent of to The Misters’ Cousins’ place for while. Then off I went to get my hair straightened. Actually, I had gotten it done last year and was to get the roots done only.  It took more than 5 hours, but the end results weren’t bad at all. I am now trying to decide on a haircut.



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