Last Few days in Pakistan…


We have 5 days left in Pakistan. Just 5 days. The excitement has subsided a little, so has the panic. The stress has settled in now. And Nostalgia….

I think I’m going to miss this place after all. Yes dirty old, unsafe Pakistan.. the land of terror and bomb blasts. I’m going to miss her. I grew up here. I was born and raised here. I’v lived in so many different cities. I grew up in the good old days when my parents weren’t worried I played outside, in the street. My mother could check on me, once in a while from the front door and would know I’d be okay. She could take me out shopping with her, or even window shopping without worrying a bomb will go off somewhere, or a gang of men would start firing on innocent people. We could stroll around, without worrying about death. My parents could send me to school on a school van without fear of having the school van burnt down, or car-jacked. That was a happy life, in dear old Pakistan. I was a kid here, I was a teen here and I’m a grown woman. I played with little girlfriends with our dolls and those tiny pots and pans and I played cricket with my brother and my cousins. I shared girly secrets with my teen girl friends and giggled the nights away with them. I experienced my first love here. I took up my first job here. I got married to a wonderful man and gave birth to two beautiful children. All in dear old Pakistan.

This is the only life I know, but wait… life isn’t the same here anymore.

I can’t take my kids out to the park on bad day here in Karachi, because I don’t want anything bad to him. I can’t take them out on good days either, because a good day can turn into a bad day anytime. I would rather home school then let my kid get on the school van and go to school without my being able to see him. I always take him to school, walk him to the gate and watch him go in. I walk away, worrying my heart out, till it’s time to pick him up at home-time.

Watching TV means hearing how many people died in the previous 24 hours.

Travel is a constant fear of death.

So will I miss this life? Ofcourse not this aspect, but I will miss Pakistan but she’s HOME. My parents are still here, one of my siblings too. My friends, my cousins, the people I’v spent my life with, the only life I know… I’ll be leaving everything behind.

But I look forward to the new start, the new life for myself and especially for my kids.

So we have only 5 days to go. The past few days were spent in Doctor’s appointments. First The Spirited had to get his Root Canal Treatment. I was very nervous. Nervous is not the right word, I was frightened. But he did great. I was expecting a lot of tears, but there was nothing of the sort, except a whimper or two. He was much braver than what I gave him credit for. The dentist was excellent and I would totally recommend him. The name is Dr. Hasnain Sukrani and the clinic is on Zamzama Street 3 I believe.

Next I had to go to a dermatologist for some skin issues.

3rd I had to take The Mother to the eye clinic today. We went at 10:30 in the morn and the Dr. called in saying he won’t be in that day. We went again at 2:30 pm, as we were told, another doctor will be in. We are done by 4 o’clock and then went to get The Mother’s prescription glasses made. KFC was next to the Optics store and the kids insisted we go in. We were home by 5 and the kids had their ped appointment at 6. So next was that and we got home at almost 8:00 pm.

The kids were super tired and went to sleep soon.

The next 5 days are going to be as busy as can be. Tomorrow I plan to visit the Sunday Bazaar, one last time (until I come back for a visit) and then go in to the salon for hair rebonding.

Yay for straight hair and good night!!!


About abgeeney

I am a Pakistan expatriate in the UAE, mother of two lovely kids and working full-time as a Social Media Marketer. In addition, I have a small home-owned business which I absolutely love. I sell used-books! Given the fact that I am a professional Social Media Marketing specialist, you’d think I’d be better at keeping up my personal blog, but unfortunately I am not.

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