Root Canal


The Spirited is to get a Root Canal Treatment.

My 4 years old son had his first ‘proper’ dentist visit last thursday. I call it proper because the three visits last year were total failures. The three different dentists, The Spirited was taken to, coudn’t cajole him into opening his mouth for them. The one we went to last Thursday was not bad. He managed to fill in the cavities in the front teeth and had asked to see him again today.

So today we found out, the little fighter requires a root canal. My Mommy Self simply wanted to pick her baby from that scary chair and run away, but the same Mommy Self also wanted to do what was best for baby…  go along with what the dentist suggests. Not a happy decision, but a decision, nonetheless.

What I hate most about doctors and dentists over here, is that they do not give you the power to decide. He mumbled something about either getting a root canal and or extracting it, while still working on the kids’ tooth. So basically, it was the dentist’s decision to go for the root canal and not mine. I just went along with it, because I didn’t know, what other option do I have.

The Spirited on the dreaded chair

Or maybe, I am being too harsh on him. He showed me what the tooth looked like and told me it was an ‘exposed’ tooth, meaning the pulp was exposed as the tooth has rotten away. So today, he basically cleaned out the tooth, saying he had ‘drained’ it and then filled it up with cotton. I am not sure if there was anything else on the cotton but what I saw was mere cotton. And then he closed it up with a ‘filling-like-material’. I was to give the kid Ibrupufen, which I did. We are to go back on thursday for the ‘proper surgery’, which makes me very nervous.

On the whole The Spirited did very well. Today went by without a single tear. I would give him an A+ for how brave he was today and as a token I took him to a toy shop and he picked out a small toy for himself. So another toy is due on thursday now. I hope thursday flies by as easily as today did.

I’v been reading up on Root Canal treatments, but everywhere it says you get an anesthetic before the cleaning part, so does that mean we haven’t even done that yet. If so, then what was it that the dentist do today. Too many questions, no answers.

Any dentists out there or anyone who’ had a root canal actually knows what’s happening here?

Thanks in Advance


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